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Welcome to Chemical Dynamics at Heriot-Watt

We are interested in the dynamics of chemical processes at a fundamental, molecular level. We are applying advanced experimental methods to a number of related problems in chemical reactivity, collisional energy transfer and photochemistry. The results are interpreted through comparisons to the best available theoretical predictions.
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Chemical dynamics research is conducted by six groups led by the academics listed below, click on their pictures to find out more about the activities in their research groups.

Dr. Hendrik Nahler

a picture of Dr. Hendrik Nahler

We study the photodissociation dynamics of atmospherically relevant molecules on water ice surfaces at near-ambient conditions.

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Prof. Kenneth G. McKendrick

a picture of Prof. Kenneth G. McKendrick

We use laser-based methods to study the dynamics of reactive and inelastic collisions in the gas phase and at gas-liquid interfaces.

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Prof. Martin J. Paterson

a picture of Prof. Martin J. Paterson

We develop and apply theoretical methods to describe the electronically excited states of molecules, particularly those where light absorption causes new and interesting chemistry to occur.

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Dr. Stuart J. Greaves

a picture of Dr  Stuart J. Greaves

We use experimental and theoretical methods to study the dynamics of chemical reactions in solution, at interfaces and in the gas phase.

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Prof. Dave Townsend

a picture of Dr Dave Townsend

We investigate the "ultrafast" time-resolved dynamics of excess energy redistribution in gas-phase model biological systems.

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Prof. Matthew L. Costen

a picture of Dr Matt Costen

We use high-resolution spectroscopy to study photodissociation, gas-phase inelastic collisions and collisions at soft interfaces.

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