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  1. EPSRC Platform Grant "Dynamical Chemical Processes" awarded

    A new EPSRC platform grant to study Gas & Solution Phase Reactions has been awarded to Prof. McKendrick (PI), Prof. Paterson, Prof. Costen, Dr Townsend & Dr Greaves. The funding will be used to retain key staff, and to deploy them in ways that are not possible with standard proposals, allowing us to enhance collaborative opportunities and conduct proof-of-concept studies in new areas. More information can be found on the EPSRC website.

  2. Cassandra Rusher passes viva

    Congratulations to Cassandra who successfully defended her thesis on the 19th of September 2016.

  3. New research students arrive

    A warm welcome to the new PhD students Aisling Stewart and Joseph Leng who joined the Greaves and Costen groups on the 1st of September 2016. We also welocme the many undergraduate and Erasmus students joining all of the research groups at the start of this semester.

  4. Advanced Particle Imaging Techniques: 1986-2016 And Beyond, Telluride CO

    Matt and Tom Luxford attended the conference celebrating 30 years of ion and electron imaging techniques in chemical dynamics, held in Telluride in Colorado from 8th-12th August. Matt gave a talk on the latest results from the CMB-VMI NO(A) inelastic scattering experiment, while Tom presented a poster on his work on that experiment.

  5. Matthew Costen promoted to Professor

    Congratulations to Matt who was promoted to Professor on the 1st of August 2016!

  6. ANUMOCP 2016 Newcastle

    Members of the Nahler, Costen, McKendrick and Greaves groups attended the anual northen universities meeting on chemical physics (ANUMOCP) in July at Newcastle University with a talk from David Hadden and poster presentations from Tom Sharples & Robert Bianchini.

    Robert & Tom present their posters and David delivers his talk
    Top row: Robert and Tom present their posters. Bottom row: David delivers his talk at ANUMOCP 2016. Thanks to David Hadden and Hendrik Nahler for the photographs.
  7. Tom Luxford wins Y3 PhD talk prize

    Congratulations to Tom, who presented his talk 'Stereodynamics of the Rotationally Inelastic Collisions of NO(A2Σ+) with He and D2' at the annual ICS Y3 PhD talks, and won one of two equal prizes for best talk. Tom is shown in the photo below accepting his prize from Prof McKendrick (acting in his role as head of the Institute of Chemical Sciences).

    Prof Ken McKendrick presented Tom with his Y3 PhD talk prize
    Prof Ken McKendrick presents Tom with his prize after the Y3 PhD talks
  8. Maria Tesa Serrate passes her viva

    Congratulations to Maria, who successfully defended her thesis on 15th April.

  9. Dr Townsend gives invited conference talk.

    The talk, "Time-Resolved Photoelectron Imaging as a Probe of UV Relaxation Dynamics", was presented at the 2nd COST XLIC Working Group 3 Meeting - Control of Chemical Reactivity at Queen's University Belfast.

  10. Dr Costen & Prof. McKendrick visit Montana State University, USA

    Researchers from the Costen & McKendrick groups visit Montana State for a meeting of their collaborative project partners Tim Minton (Montana State University, USA) and George Schatz (Northwestern, USA), who are funded by a parallel grant from NSF.

  11. We welcome new arrival Dr Nikoleta Kotsina.

    Nikoleta will be working on the Tuneable VUV Light Generation Project with the Townsend group.

  12. Dr Townsend publishes results of international collaboration with leading Danish group.

    The paper, on "The effects of symmetry and rigidity on non-adiabatic dynamics in tertiary amines: a time-resolved photoelectron velocity-map imaging study of the cage-amine ABCO" was published in the Royal Society of Chemistry journal Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. The paper & further details can be found here: 10.1039/C5CP07910A.

  13. Prof. McKendrick receives Chemical Dynamics Award at SDG 2016

    Former Faraday division president Prof. Mike Ashfold FRS presented Prof. McKendrick with the Chemical Dynamics Award medal at the Spectroscopy & Dynamics Group meeting at Warwick University. The award was presented before Prof. McKendrick delivered his first award lecture to the SDG audience.

    Former Faraday division president Prof. Mike Ashfold FRS presented Prof. McKendrick with the Chemical Dynamics Award medal
    Prof. Mike Ashfold FRS presents Prof. McKendrick with the Chemical Dynamics Award medal at the SDG 2016 meeting.
  14. Spectroscopy & Dynamics Group meeting 2016

    Many chemical dynamics researchers attended the SDG (a special interest group of the RSC) meeting and presented their work.

  15. Prof. Paterson & Dr Townsend publish results of collaborative study in Chemical Science.

    Their work on "The role of novel Rydberg-valence behaviour in the non-adiabatic dynamics of tertiary aliphatic amines" studied using time-resolved photoelectron imaging experiments supported by extensive theoretical calculations, was published in the prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry journal Chemical Science. The paper can be found using its doi: 10.1039/C5SC03616J.

  16. New PhD positions available

    New PhD positions are available in Chemical Dyanamics, more details can be found here.

  17. Dr Costen wins new EPSRC grant

    Reactive Scattering Dynamics at the Gas-Liquid Interface: Bridging the Gap between the Gas-Phase and Solution, is a collaborative project with the computational group of Dr David Glowacki at the University of Bristol. More details can be found on the EPSRC website.

  18. Prof. McKendrick wins RSC 2015 Chemical Dynamics Award

    Awarded for the development of novel methods to study elementary reactions and collisional energy transfer in the gas phase and at the gas-liquid interface. More details can be found on the Heriot-Watt main site, and on the Royal Society of Chemistry awards site.